Fearless: Kevin Garnett – Anything’s Possible [Documentary]

Kevin Garnett – Fearless. Relentless. And Bold enough to put his life on the line due to an unwavering belief in the greatness that God assigned over his life.

That Faith in his gift made much room for the 17-year veteran and future Hall-of-Famer, but he also worked unbelievably hard for it. Countless times he faced treacherous terrains of skepticism – too young when he entered, too old to compete today; not tough enough to dominate in a league of world-class athletes that enter the NBA in abundance each season.

Meeting the face of adversity, being knocked down countless times to only rise and out perform expectation with a level of class and dignity. Excellence is being able to perform at the highest level consistently – taking your craft to new levels as you grow. Kevin Garnett is the epitome of excellence – pouring his all into the passion and purpose God placed in his hands. Dedicated, unselfish, and a champion. If anyone needs even an ounce of inspiration, KG offers up this Documentary that chronicles his journey, hunger, and attitude toward Life and the game of basketball.

“In a Sea of Doubters, you only need One who Believes.” – Kevin Garnett



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