Rico Love: Don’t Fear What You Can’t Comprehend [#TTLO Vlog 24]

Multi-platinum producer and super songwriter Rico Love shares his eye opening perspective about the true presence of God in all people, in all walks of life.

Emphasizing the importance of each individual focusing on strengthening their own personal relationship with God and avoiding the judgment of others – the greater point he highlights is the unconditional Love God offers and the omnipresence that assures His spirit is with us in the midst of any environment.

“Am I perfect, of course not. But the only thing perfect is God’s Love and his Forgiveness, and the fact that he has forgiven me. Do think I’m protected every night by chance? It’s God’s hands on my life. The same people who judge have their own sin, we spend too much time looking down on each other. To say God can’t be somewhere or with certain people is limiting God. And you can’t put limits on God, he’s limitless.”

Follow Rico Love on Twitter: @IamRicoLove


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