Finding Favor: The Rewards of Relationship Development

Do you ever wonder if you’re in good graces with the Lord?

Maybe I should try to explain what I mean when I ask this. It’s not a trick question, just a real one because many of us seem to think if we’re on God’s “good side”. But before I attempt to discuss this question, let me make this disclaimer: God doesn’t have a “good” or “bad” side to Him. He is God! He’s merciful. He’s Omnipotent. He’s Omnipresent. Most of all, He’s Holy! Always has been, and always will be! Now, with that in mind, let discuss this question, and maybe ask ourselves are we finding the favor of God in our lives.

Being in good graces with someone entails having a relationship or standing with an individual that has developed into a belief that he or she is dependable, and has established a sense of trust in that relationship or standing. We can look at some examples of this in our everyday lives: on our jobs with our employers, performing at a level above and beyond expectations, earning high acknowledgement and praise for consistent work-related performance; being dependable with every relationship that shows your commitment to bringing out the best in everyone by edifying and serving others; and even in obedience by following direction and guidelines that procure a trail of success and improvement for all concern. Each of these examples displays a common characteristic that enables the “good graces” to be manifested in our lives and that is: developed relationship.
To some, these can be looked at as perks, or special favors, or even enhancements to the highly intellectual. But either way we look at it, something is happening in people’s lives that receive certain honors, privileges, and access toward their benefit. It has to do with relationship.

When we have developed relationship, we’re establishing a cord of understanding and true meaning with others. When God becomes our Lord and Savior, we begin to allow Him to establish a relationship with us and us with Him. Such which opens us up to commitment to one another. Once this relationship is established, along with consistent efforts of moving forward through all kinds of trials and tribulation, we develop a trust that we have between the two. We become familiar with one another; we know each other’s hearts, motives and intentions. Then, when time comes for understanding and clarity, we both step up and support one another in our efforts to bring peace, joy and success to all concern because of that relationship.

Look at Noah in the Bible. The Bible clearly states why Noah found favor and good graces with God.

“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. This is the genealogy of Noah. Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God.” – Genesis 6:8, 9

Noah had a relationship with God. He followed God throughout his life. That word “perfect” means a consistent lifestyle of following God in all areas of his life. God had a relationship with Noah that exceeded expectation. And this is what we need to develop – a kind of relationship that exceeds our expectations. God saw something in Noah that he didn’t see in any other man in the world at that time: trust and dependability based on his relationship with God. As that relationship took its course, as God decided to change the course of the world and time, He used Noah to serve His purpose in the implementation of that purpose by preserving some forms of life to begin again. And God gave Noah specific instructions to adhere to . . . “Thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did.” (Genesis 6:22)

Just imagine if every one of us did as God has asked us to do! Can we even think about how our lives would be if we all just did as God instructed us to do? And those of us who remember the story later on in Genesis 9, God eventually blessed Noah and his family tremendously with favor beyond recognition by giving Noah and his sons favor, replenishing the earth beginning with his family; having every living thing that moves upon the earth as food for them. Nations came out of Noah’s family, his sons, and the graces of God were manifested.

Looking at this wonderful example, and comparing it to our times today, we can have the same impact in our lives, probably not at the scale of Noah, but as impactful. If we become relationally focused, developing a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ with a consistent lifetime effort walking with God, we too, can find that favor from God on us as well. It’s not about what we can get or receive from God; it’s about understanding that our relationship with God is the most important gift we have. Obedience and the development of this relationship are critical to any success we have as children of God. We want the favor and good graces of our Lord Jesus Christ, but they come through obedience, submission to His Word, and by the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Our walk with the Lord, with a lifestyle of consistency in following God, is required to find His favor. We can’t assume we’ll receive His favor just because we’re children of the Most High. This is where we get it wrong, and selfishness comes into play with wrong motives and intentions only to glorify self.

There are so many more examples of finding God’s favor in His Word. Take some time out today and really look at your relationship with God. Are you happy where you’re at in that relationship with Him? If not, what do you intend to do about it? Are you contemplating recommitting, re-establishing or rededicating your life to Christ and letting that relationship flourish? These questions need to answers from all of us. He’s coming back soon. Will you be ready?

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Weekly Article of Encouragement – Article 87; Volume 2

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