The Crossroads: I Want to Go To Heaven, But I Don’t Want To Go To Church

With life, we know and always say tomorrow isn’t promised. But when that tomorrow comes to an end, what happens to us?  We learn everyday that either our soul will go to heaven or we will open our eyes in hell and we will spend eternity in either place. Everyone wants to go to heaven, but I wouldn’t believe one person would want to spend one day in hell.  Is the church the path to heaven? Or is it not? Well I’m not God and I wouldn’t want to command anyone to heaven or hell, but this is my opinion: Anyone can go by a math book, read it from front to back, and understand some of the problems in the book. But without a teacher, they will never understand everything being taught. The Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) is written as such. Yes, we all went to school and learned how to read a book front to back, but knowledge is power.

The pastor is the teacher. He takes the word of the past and brings it to the present so you can apply them in your life. How can you know right from wrong without a teacher? How could you know right from wrong without someone to answer to? God is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. He is the answer.


The church is like the hospital. When something is wrong with your body and you have no idea of the diagnosis, the hospital is where you turn. If you had to stay in the hospital for a year to save your life, would you stay? Well, why not give God at least one day out of the week for your soul? One Sunday at a time could change your life. I remember when I used to sit all the way in the back of a 1,000 member church — to one year later sitting in the 3rd row from the front. Did I think about having to give up this and that? No. Did the word and God make me realize I needed to make changes to progress and become a better person? Yes.  Am I the perfect saint? NO. Did I make the best grades in school? No, but it didn’t stop me from going to school because I wanted to learn, I wanted to be better. I knew I needed the school to progress in life and now I know I need God to progress in life.

There is no success in anything without God. Even when you don’t pray, talk to God or even come to church – God is still working in the background! From the day you were born you were blessed with a Gift, a purpose in life. Some are anointed with major gifts and powers to make changes in the world and I realized that about myself  years ago. Can I say if I died today I’m going to heaven? I don’t know, but I accept Christ as my lord and savior. I pray everyday and work to be better than I was yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I need the church, I need the word and most of all, I need God. When I’m looking up at the sky when I’m on my back about to take my last breath,  I don’t want to second guess where I’m going. I will thank God for the life I had and say, “Your Child is coming Home!”

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