The Mixdown: Danni Rouge – Create Yourself [EP]

Passion offers us the spiritual energy and determination needed to operate in our destiny. God places dreams inside of our minds far greater than the human experience can qualify– sometimes causing reality to seem like a distant separation between the life you desire for yourself and the future you will lead. But the beauty of God’s word is that it never returns void. Every vision birthed is favored to manifest. All we have to do is exercise our innate greatness without second guessing our beliefs. This faith, fearlessness, optimism, and open-minded perspective about our path is what affirms our ability to create life on a clean canvas with the paint of our perceptions and the ink of our curiosities.

Danni Rouge manages to musically capture the essence of this truth. The talented songstress delivers a new texture to neo soul, adding an edgy alternative sound that compliments angelic harmonies and stellar live instrumentation. Her newest EP entitled Create Yourself takes listeners on a transparent trip through the process of freely exploring life and love to then define your own rules and pave your own path that will present the world with the fullest expression of who you are.

Download the EP here –> Create Yourself

Follow Dannie on Twitter: @DanniRouge


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