An Interview With Osinachi Nwaneri: The Story Behind Unforgivable Blackness

As the tragic death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin ignites a relentless outcry for justice among millions across the country, once avoided discussions of race and discrimination forcefully arise at the forefront of society. As the conversation continues, people are put in position to reflect upon their own privilege and prejudices and address them in mature form.

On his recently released album Unexpected Arrival, Diggy Simmons delivers an honest narrative touching on the battles African Americans face not only with themselves but with the world. As a seemingly timely tribute to the Trayvon Martin movement, fans have adopted the song as a personal testimony.

Osinachi Nwaneri – producer of the song entitled Unforgivable Blackness shares the inspirational story behind the track and the spiritual influences that brought it to life.

Follow Osinachi & Diggy on twitter: @Osinachi @Diggy_Simmons


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