Are You Really Making Love? How to Define the Feeling and Find the Answer

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also a virtue that personifies human kindness, compassion, and intimacy. Love by definition stands for “the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”. Love may also be described as kind actions towards ones self or others based upon internal wholeness; being secure and fulfilled in self identity.

In today’s era of Money, Power, and Sex. — many may confuse what making love is really all about. Love started with God, to spread the best emotional feeling in the world. Love is Joy, Happiness and Gestures of the like. However, in the 21st century we relate making love to having sex. Making love can be compared to sex if God is the center of the Love making. God intended for every man and woman to Love, Marry and Reproduce. Love God first, then yourself. As a man, search for your life parent/helpmate. Marry her and “Make Love” with the Queen created to partner in your promise. Deposit more strong seeds into the world.

Notice, there is no “Making Love” without God first. Sex was made for married people to show love in a form of spiritual action. Since love starts and ends with God, you must join unions as one flesh to truly create the love you make with your partner. When you really think about sex and love, making love is the highest point of having sex. But as Trey Songz so clearly states, sex isn’t better than love. God is Love. So nothing will and can get better than him. Line up right with God first, Love, joining unions before thinking about making love, because without the true elements, you’re simply having sex!



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