Express Yourself: “Name” By I AM

Identity is a process of discovery. At birth we are assigned a unique mission with every tool and resource dwelling deep within our spirit. As social influence and cultural development shape the reality we experience, the path becomes more about realizing and living in the truth of who you genuinely are instead of becoming someone new. Once we are enlightened to the fullness of our brilliance and one-of-one greatness, the world opens up in a way that allows us to enjoy the beauties of a limitless future.

“Name” by I AM is a visual exhibit of discovering identity in the era of Mechanical Reproduction. Exploring the significance and perceived triviality of a name, this Fashion-Art collection comments on today’s concept of individuality and the complexities every person battles with. Media, Culture, Entertainment — the driving forces of collective thought and global influence. The insurgence of new technology and new media leave a lasting imprint on society. Take the tour:


Check out the Full Visual Exhibit At I – AM




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