Catch Up: Chasing God For Love

When God created Adam, he knew he would serve a purpose in this world. He knew Adam would be one of the first humans on earth to carry out God’s purpose in the world. God then created Eve for Adam as a helpmate. God knew Adam would need a lovely woman by his side to love, support and cherish him in this world we live in. Notice — God didn’t create Sarah, Jessica, Kenya and Lisa for Adam. Just Eve! God intended for everyone to have one special person.

We date, date and date again. But eventually, you have to ask yourself — are you dating with a purpose? And is that God’s purpose? God’s purpose was for every man and woman to join unions and become one flesh.  It’s said that when two people become one Flesh the union will be blessed. Now, don’t think that because people get married they don’t go through storms. Think about when Eve ate the Fruit. God didn’t only punish her; he also punished her husband because they were one flesh. When you chase God for love, God will not forsake the righteous. When you chase people you can be easily mislead and misguided by the Flesh.

Even though we were made of the flesh, sometimes we have to listen to that little whisper talking to us through our soul. No union will work without a spiritual connection at the core.  No relationship will work without being grounded in spiritual principles. You have to always remember Love came from God, so you can’t truly love someone including yourself until you love God.

Chase God for true love, not for the approval of people.

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