Take Notes: 5 Lessons To Learn from Chris Brown & Rihanna

Let’s begin with a fact: When you are talented, attractive, highly favored, or successful — you will be hated on.

God informs us with this foresight saying that the promise land will not be ours without persecution. People operate on perception, meaning it should be without surprise why the masses may be in your corner one instance and in your face the next. Of all the individuals you may encounter in this lifetime, only a handful will possess a thorough understanding of who you are at the core. Struggle builds character. The pressure from the public holds you responsible for your actions. When in positions of influence, even the slightest move has an immediate impact on the world’s impression of who you are and more significantly challenges the true character you embody. Character is the key to sustaining high levels of achievement. Gifts can get you to the peak of a mountain, but humility is the balance that keeps you there.

For the highly criticized Chris Brown and superstar partner Rihanna, mending the divide both musically and personally raises the eye brows of fans and press worldwide. Many believe domestic violence is unforgivable, and demands an indefinite separation. Other indulge in the circulating gossip of a rekindled love story, investing their time and energy in examining the intention of their relationship. Once a couple people idolized with expectations of perfection, the accident heard around the world shattered the teen dream and caused clouds of controversy to hang over their interactions for years to come. Yet, as the two join forces to create chart-topping music and make the most of the moments, there are some valuable lessons we all can take from them.

Here are 5 Lessons to Learn From Chris Brown and Rihanna:

1. Forgiveness is Freedom

“Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends.” – Proverbs 17:9

One of the hardest things to do in life can be to forgive someone responsible for causing great pain and turmoil. Whether abused physically, emotionally, or spiritually — the scars develop hardened layers over the once unwounded parts of us. This more often causes the likely reaction of locking the door to your heart and shutting that person out of your life forever. As this is also the usual response of close friends and family members, the outcome is only a future haunted by fear and restrained from the limitless existence you were created to live. An unforgiving spirit is a stronghold. It places weight on the spirit that cannot be lifted without reconciliation. Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for you. And once the grieving ends, truth is embraced, and fears are confronted, nothing can stop you from moving forward with more power, wisdom, and wholeness than before.

2. Pride Comes Before The Fall

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”Proverbs 16:18

It is a trademarked belief that when incredibly famous, you feel invincible. Getting the glory from millions across the globe takes the intensity of your glow up to new heights. You begin feeling yourself. Thinking that everyone loves you and is infinitely on your side. When money is obsolete and dreams unfold daily, the concept of reality and its consequences gets skewed. It doesn’t help that those closest to you are allergic to “no” and benefit from the continuation of your prideful personality. However, pride builds a pedestal. And unlike a house built upon solid ground, self-righteousness establishes property on sand. So as the storms strike and flood of unfortunate events hist unexpectedly, all that was built crumbles to the ground and washes away. And just like a storm, warning is provided in advance, pointing out the elements that when mixed, cause devastating natural disasters.

3. The Right Thing at the Wrong Time is Still the Wrong Thing

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint.”Habakkuk 2:3

Certain things are destined to be in life. And it is true that people enter our lives for a reason, season, or a lifetime. But, we have to be properly prepared for them to arrive. Sometimes we are not meant to jump into relationships, jobs, or opportunities the moment they are presented.  If you are not aligned mentally and spiritually, you will not be able to accept, appreciate, or value that thing as it was designed to be. Timing is everything. If rushed, we can be too underdeveloped. If prolonged, the blessing may have passed. The goal is to get the best out of every person and situation. The right thing in the wrong instance restricts you from experiencing its maximum potential.

4. Nothing Can Stop What God Has Predestined

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”Jeremiah 1:5

God’s word never returns in vain. When he speaks a truth into your life, that word is to be held onto with a great measure of faith in its manifestation. Regardless of the process, the ending is written. No amount of slander, protest, or displeasure delivered by man can stop this. If it is meant to be, it will happen. So often, we try to control circumstances. Believing we have the right answers and best solutions, this impression causes us to act out of the vision we’ve been shown. Hardship and adversity are the biggest distractions from God’s promise. When the chips are down with our backs against the wall, it’s easy to doubt and quit. However, destiny has a beginning, middle, and end. The approval of people is irrelevant to the blueprint being carried out in heaven. If it has been assigned to your life, believe in it and work to see it manifest.

5. Nobody is Perfect

“There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins.”Ecclesiastes 7:20

We all are imperfect. Yes, it is true. Everyone has sinned and fell short of the glory in their life. This fact can get lost in the collection of good deeds and ideal intentions most people live by. It is a universal hope that the people we have grown to Love, admire, look up to, and in some cases idolize will remain without blemish. The picture perfect appearance and charming persona leads the masses to believe some can do no wrong. However, this is far from the truth. While some function on higher moral standards than others, not even the most just in the world exude perfection. Every person must be taken with a grain of salt. All humans are made up of similar DNA. If one human is capable of committing a crime, we all are capable. It then becomes a matter of choice. Once it is understood that even the happiest of people or most famous of celebrities can slip up, we would be closer to seeing each other as equals in lifestyle and in spirit.





  1. Toni

    CORRECTION: My comment about Jesus and the prostitute was supposed to say “the writers including an explicit account of the prostitute’s actions”, not Jesus.

  2. Toni

    CORRECTION: My comment about the Jesus and the prostitute was supposed to say “the writers including an explicit account of the prostitute’s actions”, not Jesus.

  3. Toni

    True. But they also did a remix to “Umbrella” which was far less vulgar and sexually charged, and would’ve been just as effective in getting the point of this article across:-) I love what you’re doing with this site; it is a courageous breath of fresh air, particularly in an industry that consistently bows it’s knees to all things material, superficial, etc. and puts God in last place. However, it seems wise to be mindful of what you choose to put on a website that is supposed to be a reflection of God and what he represents which, among other things, is purity and holiness. A song like “Birthday Cake” is neither of those things, lol and certainly isn’t necessary to get the point across. It’s alsmost like Jesus including an explicit account of the prostitute’s sexual acts when he found her among all those men. We know what she was doing, and therefore we don’t need an explicit account of her actions. I’m just suggesting to perhaps be mindful of the content you present on a sight called “God Over Evrything” as well as the material that you choose to associate with it. Because how does posting a song as vulgar as this on G.O.E. differenciate this site from any of the others? All in all, love the sight and I mean no disrespect. Keep up the good work:-)

  4. Toni

    Love the article and everything in it, but why is “Birthday Cake” posted here? A little inappropriate for a site devoted 2 God. :/

    • Thanks for your comment Toni! Birthday Cake is included for two reasons: 1. It is the song they made together that attracted all of the skepticism and controversy which inspired this article. 2. It represents (metaphorically) what the site/article is all about — introducing a new way of thinking about things and addressing the “why” instead of the “what”.

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