Stop The Press: Toure Roberts Sheds Light on KONY 2012

KONY 2012 — The fastest growing social movement ever witnessed. Seemingly one of the most radical uprisings against violence and political injustice our generation has rallied to support. A man accused of vicious brutality against a nation historically plagued with murder, sickness, and deprivation. Fearlessly pulling the heart strings of millions to get educated, commit to the cause, and fight until Joseph Kony is imprisoned or put to death.

The campaign quickly penetrated every mainstream media outlet for its gripping display of child exploitation in Uganda. Singling out a young boy grieved by the brutal death of  his family at the hands of child soldiers commanded by a perceived mad man. Social Networks flooded with a message of empowerment. Releasing the short film provoke levels of passion many prayed would spark revolution against hate crimes both in America and abroad.

Now, in the midst of exposed scandal and shameful arrests, people are left to question and debate what it all means. Over 70 million views in two days. Every A-List celebrity encouraging their following to donate money and spread the word. Countless interviews inspiring the masses to support Invisible Children and multiply the message of hope, salvation, and change for disadvantaged youth and their families. All to be dimmed by the consequences of greed and manipulation.

Toure Roberts looks beyond public display and popular opinion to deliver a truthful concerning the message behind KONY 2012:

Read more from PT regarding KONY 2012 via his Tumblr Page





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