Moment of Clarity: Big K.R.I.T. Performs “The Vent” Live at the Fader Fort

Dreams come with challenges.

The phrase, “To whom much is Given, Much is Required” speaks fluently to the reality of a promise being contingent upon an obligation to tread treacherous terrain  in order to fulfill the responsibility assigned to our gifts. It is easy to taste prosperity and loose humility. Once struggle seems to subside and we become succumbed in the glory of accomplishments, turning away from the rock that kept us grounded can be lost as a mere after thought. However, pain produces progress. And as we are created to consistently climb to new heights, the goal is to keep God closer, instead of straying farther away.

Success is a byproduct of exchange. What you give in energy, effort, skill, and commitment is returned in the form of wisdom, maturity, promotion, and achievement.  Often intertwined with tragedy and the perils of overcoming fear, thoughts can become overloaded with deceitful whispers and depressive doubts. Yet, we all have been given unique gifts designed to deliver these thoughts as seeds upon fertile minds and vulnerable hearts of millions. These gifts are paths of direct connection between our story and the narrative of others.

BIG K.R.I.T. gives an open invitation into his thoughts, experiences, and lessons learned when performing his song “The Vent” live at The Fader Fort during the South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival. He recently released his highly acclaimed mixtape 4eva In a Day which features more personal sentiments into the journey that molded the man he is today.

“Too much shine can dull the soul If you feel how i feel then I rap some mo’ How can the Devil take my brother if he’s close to me When he was everything I wasn’t but I hoped to be I get a little honest, and I ask my self If the time come will you save me if I ask for help”

“I put my problems in box beside my tightest rhymes, On a lock and key, buried deep of in my mind. And when it gets too full, and I can’t close the lid, I spaz on my family and my closest friends. Trade my materials for a peace of mind, Im so close to Heaven, Hell I need some time. Who cares about life, and the highs and lows, Maybe I should write another song about pimps and hoes. Cars and clothes, Idol Gods, Golden Cabs, Louie Scarfs”



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