Empowering Hollywood: An Interview With Faytene Kryskow

On March 15th from 2pm – 12am at The Gibson Amphitheater, thousands will join together to bless, empower, and pray a blessing over Arts & Entertainment. Believing in a vision to shift the perception of Media and transform the hearts of creators, producers, and entertainers throughout Hollywood — some of the most prolific teachers and spiritual leaders will  unite with a community of passionate believers to speak words of divine destiny into the lives of Hollywood’s influencers. They believe that the event will inspire greater creativity and substance to the content we consume around the globe.

As people prepare in anticipation of this first-time event, we interviewed Faytene Kryskow — Best Selling Author, Evangelist, and Creator of The Cry — to gather a clearer insight into what people should expect, the motivation behind the movement, and what God is intending to fulfill through Media and Entertainment.

GOE: How Would You Describe the Cry Hollywood?

Faytene: Amazing. The Cry Hollywood is a full  day of prayer and fasting. We will be blessing and decreeing life over God’s Dream. It’s an Electric Time, a powerful energy that will inspire all of creation. What is coming out of Hollywood is influenicing the nations of the Earth. Wherever you go, you are exposed to some form of media. It is influencing the whole world. God loves people and loves the nations. Because of the magnitutde of potential, we believe God has a dream to raise people up to use their gifts for his glory. He is using Media and Entertainment to spread mercy, justice, and truth. As people connect with God’s heart, something will go off like a firecracker. We will see media be a force for good in the earth.

GOE: What Inspired The Cry?

Faytene: It’s important to note the history of the Cry. We have had massive cry outs in Canada, taking a full day to stand in prayer and declare the power of God believing in its changing power. In 2008, the political graph shifted 15-20%. We went to the polls and elected a government of 40% who were dedicated believers in Christ. As we continued to commit to this calling, we kept seeing it happen. Through houses of prayer, we literally saw the nations shift and fight injustice. In 2009, God asked who is it who is really influencing the generations in mentoring and different value points. He immediately directed us to Hollywood where the world turns for information and entertainment. This is the place where media is made and the World is influenced in their values and lifestyles by the messages that are produced here. Our vision is seeing an International Cry break out. The Cry Hollywood happens to land on the 97th birthday of Universal City – meaning we will be at the gate of Media glorifying God during a monumental occasion.

GOE: What Should People Expect to Experience at The Cry?

Faytene: It is a day of prayer – a super spiritual day. A lot of worship, music, dance, and spiritual encounters. If people have never experienced anything like this — it’s not church at all. It will change peoples lives, literally and spiritually.

GOE: What Would Hollywood be Like if the Spirit of God was the Foundation of Content?

Faytene: God is loving, kind, generous, and fun. You feel so alive when connected with him. Hollywood would embody these things. Content would reflect the true intent of God which is to empower his people and lead them in purpose. Media would represent mercy, love, joy, and unity. We would experience the kind of fun that builds you up. We would experience the type of messaging that propels you forward into higher ways of thinking and living.

GOE: What Would You Say to People Who See a Disconnect Between Their Spiritual and Natural Lives?

Faytene: God is challenging the lifestyle of only having church on Sunday Morning. If your spiritual relationship is only a weekly visit to the sanctuary, it is just an appointment with a social club. God is suppose to be our best friend. He is there with us at all times looking out for our best interests. Guiding and correcting us. Loving and strengthening us through it all. That best friend is going to be privy on the latest news in your life. They will know aboout everything. And the beauty about God is that you can take him into everythingt that you’re doing.

GOE: Have You Seen any Major Strides in Hollywood Toward Spreading the Spirit of God to the Masses?

Faytene: This is the first Cry Hollywood we have done. But I have been hearing amazing testimonies about what God is doing. 2% of movies have some sort of positive Christian Content — that can be attritubted to prayer. There are Houses of Prayer growing and expanding. We have the Hollywood Prayer Network. I have great faith of how God will add to all these places.

GOE: What do You Believe God is Saying Through the Younger Generation?

Faytene: This is a justice generation. This is a generation with a moral outcry. It’s a really exciting time. It’s a Media oriented generation. God is saying it is the generation that will fuse them together — bringing the spirit of God together with Media. I believe God is raising this generation to lead the most powerful justice movement in the earth. Justice without truth is just good intention without transformation. This generation is filled with power, love, and truth.

GOE: What is the Biggest Misconception People Have About Entertainers andd The Kingdom?

Faytene: Often times we can look at media that transmits negative messaging and think the media is bad. However, it is really the messaging. It’s not the medium but the message. Just because some movies or music have bad messages, doesn’t mean we have to pull away from producing. Media is neutral. We need to focus on transforming the messages. And that begins with transforming the minds and hearts of those who create media. The means to receive the message is not what we are battling against. That’s what The CRY will be praying for.

Lear more about the movement and connect with Faytene at: http://www.thecryhollwood.com or Follow her on Twitter: @Faytene 


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