Testify: The Secrets Behind Adele’s Success

Adele proves there is power in a testimony.

As it can be easy to boast in the pride of self-righteousness, it is also easy to run from painful experiences.When we build up the bravery to boldly expose ourselves, a groundbreaking force is released. Potential can often be haunted by the turmoil of bitter memories, limiting expectations and paralyzing progress. The past can present many of the tallest walls our courage may never find the strength to climb. Thus, the darkest hours can leave us riddled with doubt and tortured by insecurity — ultimately struggling with the uncertainty of purpose. Feeling confined within seasons of disappointment, we search diligently for a break in the clouds. When disaster makes an appearance at the doorstep of our destiny, it can take many disguises – making the critical choice to stand up or step down one of the most significant turning points in our life. 

The 6-time Grammy Award Winning artist has risen to personify that facing your greatest nightmares is a catalyst for rebuilding personal identity and activating the Faith needed to fulfill a journey to promise. Of a greater statement, her music shows that when we embrace spiritual vulnerability, grace and forgiveness shatter every burden from the heart, while introducing a reality far above what we can ask or imagine. Recounting her real experiences from a roller coaster relationship offered the world relatable lyrics laced with a bone-chilling honesty that resonated in the emotions of millions. Each single set up the storyline of a Love entrusted becoming a love lost. An ideal dream once within perceivable reach collided with the truth of a best friendship fading into nothingness. Powerful notes embodying the countless tears cried washed away the debris of her broken heart. And as the sun began rising high above a new terrain, every seed of experience sewn into the fertile soil of her soul began manifesting a harvest of blessings.  Her words penetrated scars and uncovered hidden secrets buried in the vaults of her audience. Her art was her cleansing. Her story was her ministry. And her music was the device God provided to impart his grace, restoration, and peace upon the broken.

“Even if I do bear witness about myself, my testimony is true, for I know where I came from and where I am going, but you do not know where I come from or where I am going.”John 8:14 

The Greatest Artists Create with their Confessions and Paint with their Pain. Every shared truth has the power to transform lives and revive dreams in the minds of millions. Truth always prevails, even in the toughest seasons. Each gift God blesses us with is to be used in purpose to articulate the truths of our lives. When we present our bodies as living sacrifices, we are allowing him to work through us with the intention to touch many and draw them closer to the identity he created — being people of power, prestige, joy, and excellence. Therefore, we experience Hell in the natural life so we never have to experience it in the supernatural. When Adele made the decision to open her experiences up to the world, she became a vessel of empowerment used by God to heal his people. Songs were like scriptures offering a living word to her followers across the globe.

Ministry is what we give of ourselves. It is the tool we use to speak life into the masses and spread a Love that conquers all. Our ministry is our story. The lessons told within each chapter of our walk that will provide the readers of our book the wisdom required to reach their highest expectations. Not only did Adele minister with her music, she functioned as a disciple of life lessons that shifted the culture of music and developed a refreshed way of thinking about hardship.

“If they obey and serve Him, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasantness and joy.” – Job 36: 11

God rewards obedience. When he gives an assignment and we follow through, he blesses us with the riches of the Kingdom — favor, wisdom, grace, and prosperity. He also promises to lift up the name of those who diligently follow his instruction and exercise faith to lead people into purpose. His word never returns in vain.

After being signed for several years, never reaching the public spotlight, and releasing an album prior to 21, it wasn’t until she committed to her ministry that her name was exalted. She broke the record for consecutive weeks with a #1 song on the Billboard Charts, took home the most Grammy Awards of any artist, and sold more than 6 Million Albums worldwide — the most of any artist since 2004. As she is now praised by the public as one of the greatest voices in Music and one of the most prolific soul storytellers of the time, the formula is simple: remain humble, share your truth, walk in faith, and use your gifts to let God use you. 



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  1. YES! Great article! You broke i down. My fave quote from it is “The Greatest Artists Create with their Confessions and Paint with their Pain.” It’s been heavy on my heart lately that so many people are walking around afraid to be vulnerable when it is our vulnerability that God can use to be a blessing not only to ourselves but to others. True vulnerability IS strength and a byproduct of FEARLESSNESS.

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