Life-Lines: 7 Inspirational Tweeters To Follow

Whether publically promoting daily activities, multiplying celebrity micro-gossip, or comfortably sharing personal sentiments – Twitter reigns as the undefeated destination for feeling the pulse of pop culture.

Operating on a clean 140 character canvas, people from across the globe passionately paint vivid visuals of their everyday lives. And as the masses gravitate toward hot topics, a powerful network of inspiring trendsetters are leading the charge to transform the popular social network into a platform of Empowerment. When purpose is realized, our voice is discovered. The audience our gifts have been created to touch takes shape and those assigned to our promise reap the fruits of our obedience. Ministry is what you offer the people. It represents the strength, wisdom, and guidance imparted from giving a piece of yourself. This makes the meaning of life more about depositing into the Earth rather than withdrawing from it.

The following Tweeters have built their movement on the understanding that true influence is not about having Followers but about developing a Following.

Here are 7 Tweeters To Follow

1. Hit-Boy – @HitBoy_SC

Health. Wealth. Positivity. Prosperity.

The familiar mantra of 24 year-old platinum producer Chauncey “Hit-Boy” Hollis. Unashamed to share his humbling testimony of triumph and bold in delivering cutting truths, this G.O.O.D. Music star steers away from trivial talk and floods timelines with timeless wisdom and inspiration. Living a life accented by the grace of God with an unwavering faith in the forefront — Love, Lessons, and Fuel flow freely through the brief messages. Openly honoring God and directing others to pursue their divine purpose, Hit-Boy possesses an anointing beyond music capable of shifting the culture and leading the generation.











2. Tony Gaskins Jr. – @TonyGaskins

It is no mistake that a highly regarded Love expert and accomplished relationship specialist has God at the core of his doctrine. After appearing on The Oprah Show and writing a best-selling novel after stepping away from the vicious street life, Tony Gaskins Jr. is a young warrior intellectual with a fiery passion to spread the message of peace, wholeness, and Love to people around the world. Dropping gem after gem, his timeline is a well of wisdom touching four corners of society. A mentor for athletes, entertainers, and public figures alike, there is always a fresh word accompanied with spiritual guidance.











3. Tyrese – @Tyrese

From chart-topping R&B superstar to dedicated social leader and author, Tyrese has made it his mission to enhance the self-awareness of millions. Exercising a daring attitude and fearless taking risks, content such as A Dreamer’s Dream is released to provoke thought and raise spiritual awareness. His tweets challenge our mental capacity and force people to face every self-constructed restriction and destroy it. Inspiration. Empowerment. Enrichment. Only growth derives from the depth of his Tyrese’s tweets.











4. Diddy – @IamDiddy

The Power of BELIEF!

With a storyline that personifies faith and favor, Sean “Diddy” combs has channeled his belief in GOD and belief in himself to accomplish countless groundbreaking achievements throughout his career. From Music and Marketing, to Beauty Brands and a Cable Network, his impressive work ethic serves as constant inspiration in itself. Yet, the outspoken and passionate cultural pioneer uses twitter to make what may be his greatest investment — power into the people. Repeatedly sharing spiritual truths and becoming an endless outlet of exciting messages and motivational messages, Diddy opens people up to see that with God on your side and his grace on your side, nothing can stop you.











5. Rev Run – @RevRunWisdom

The Godfather of motivational tweets — Rev Run introduced the social network as a vehicle to voice God’s compassion and intent for our lives. Constant reminders of God’s grace, goodness, and forgiveness made his timeline the primary source for positive insight and an upgraded attitude. With tweets that meet you where you are at, each message makes everyday decisions easier and expands the spirit to embrace the bigger picture.











6. Oprah – @Oprah

A firm follower of God and flowing fountain of spiritual wisdom, Oprah Winfrey consistently delivers beautifully constructed messages of encouragement and guidance. Aggregating from other powerful people and offering incredible quotes from legendary authors, this timeline triggers introspection and causes thoughts to spawn actions. Perfect tweets for motivated individuals focused on maximizing their potential and living in purpose.









7. LA Reid – @LAreid

Live the Epic Life.

This lifestyle of certainty and excellence is celebrated and explained through clever metaphors, potent one-liners, and motivating quotes. As an industry Icon and respected entrepreneur, Reid boasts an impressive influence among many of today’s top artists. However, even their shine is overshadowed by the glow of Glory he casts over his timeline. Positive. Enlightening. Resourceful. L.A. Reid gives you spiritual tools to getting the job done and making dreams happen.








Follow The Leaders.



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