Providence: Morgan Freeman on Master Class

Morgan Freeman — one of America’s most beloved actors, reveals the lessons he learned throughout his prolonged rise to success and discusses the hand of providence that brought him there.

Morgan’s early enthusiasm for performance helped him nurture his natural gifts, but a career in movies was sidetracked by his time spent in the United States Air Force. Realizing that the heightened reality of the movies from his childhood did not translate to the real world, he left the military to become an actor.

Despite his struggles with poverty, hunger and a lack of any perceived progress, Morgan declared who he was: an actor. Looking back on these challenges, Morgan shares his revelation that—with providence as your guide and with a determination to just keep moving—your life will unfold as it should.

Staying true to faith, perseverance, integrity, and his commitment to allowing providence to guide his path, every promise placed in his imagination unfolded just as he dreamed.

In one clip, Morgan talks about the frustration of being a struggling actor wondering when he’d get his big break.

“Certain times in your life you say ‘I should have been doing so and so, but it’s not necessarily so. You probably should be doing what you’re doing, just do your best at it.”

Check out his inspiring series below: 

Holding On To Your Principles


Declaring Who You Are


Finding Your Safe Haven


Testing Your Courage




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