Higher Calling: Thousands Team Up to Empower Hollywood at The Cry

February 28, 2012, LOS ANGELES – In spirit of faith and love, believers from every denomination, ethnic background and generation will gather to fast and pray for God to move in entertainment media at an event called TheCRY Hollywood.  TheCRY Hollywood will take place at the iconic Gibson Amphitheatre (100 Universal City Plaza) on Thursday, March 15th from 2-10 p.m.
The motto of TheCRY is: It is not a concert. It is not a conference. It’s a CRY.  “The goal of TheCRY is to pray, fast, and speak blessing over God’s dream for this industry that is impacting the world,” said Faytene Grasseschi, event director. “Where the Church has, at times, been fast to look at Hollywood as a problem, many are beginning to seeing it as a powerful place of potential and destiny.  We believe in the power of prayer and we are coming to pray that God’s dream for this city comes to pass. What could happen to the earth if it did?”
The leadership of TheCRY Hollywood is made up of several seasoned pastors and clergy leaders from the Hollywood area and beyond. Several speakers, worship leaders and artist will use their talents to usher the audience into prayer for Hollywood while sharing personal testimonies, dance tributes and inspiring messages.  
“Those who attend TheCRY Hollywood are not coming to be entertained but to press into God,” said Pastor Touré Roberts. “Together we will pray that God moves powerfully in the lives of those working in the entertainment industry and that we will witness a shift in the type of movies, music and art that is produced.”
Many studies indicate the influence entertainment media has over this generation.  Organizers say this is precisely one of the reasons why they feel it is so important to raise up prayer for those in this industry.
  • Studies now show that most people spend more than half their day saturated in media.
  • A recent Nelson study determined there are more televisions in America than human beings.
  • The average child will have watched 4,000 hours of TV before Kindergarten (Kaiser Family Foundation).
  • By age 18 the average person in America will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence through media (National Institute on Media and Family).
TheCRY has taken place eight times previously in Canada and seen dramatic answers to prayer including tangible shifts in political polls, advancement of moral legislation, drug ring busts and more.
Organizers say that the difference with this event is that instead of focusing on just one nation they are now seeking to focus on an industry that is impacting many nations.
“Prayer is powerful. As we pray things change. God has given the pen of history into our hands and we believe it is time to write.” said Grasseschi. “We look forward to gathering to be a blessing to the entertainment industry and loosing the potential of the people within this community to be a positive influence for the world.”
Information about TheCRY Hollywood and ticket registration (by donation) can be found at the event website, www.thecryhollywood.com.

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