Dream Chaser: The Promise That Powered MLK

In the words of T.D. Jakes: “when Heaven sends a vision with God-Sized dimensions, achieving it requires God-Sized faith”. But every divine dream presents a crisis of belief — are you entrusting enough in the reality of your imagination or does the immeasurable challenge of the seemingly impossible provoke too much fear in your heart to press forward?

For Martin Luther King Jr. –  The world thought he was crazy. His dream called for stepping out on a hope only empowered by an unspoken promise and clear image of an unseen equality. In an era where the masses turned blind eyes to injustice and deaf ears to the freedom cries of millions – King planted a mustard seed in the fertile soil of his spirit and plowed. Fearlessly following his assignment to battle against violent oppression in the segregated south and sacrificing his human life for the preservation of future generations was bigger than a choice – it became his priority.

In Genesis, God visited Jacob in a dream. As Jacob ascended a ladder into the heavens passing by angels to meet with the Lord, the spirit greeted him and confirmed a covenant. God told Jacob, “if you diligently travel the path I’ve set forth, not worrying what you will eat, drink, wear, or shelter – I will protect you from danger and make you ruler over the four corners of the land”. As he sent Jacob back, God advised him to keep a bundle of stones throughout the journey to make an altar where he he would visit Jacob in his dreams. This pile of stones became the place where God provided wisdom, guidance, and the tools needed to conquer opposition. Many were more capable and skilled than Jacob, but he was chosen. Enemies, temptation, and adversity arose, but Jacob stayed true to his covenant with God. And as promised, he came out unblemished. As death threatened his life, Jacob was covered and reaped the full inheritance spoken over his life once the assignment was complete. God placed the same anointing on Dr. King.

God is limitless. There is not a race, culture, or color capable of confining him. This was the deep-rooted message buried within the protests, speeches, and freedom fights Martin Luther King passionately lead. God is Love, and the intention for our lives is to walk in his image – fearless, limitless, powerful, and of magnificent character. These are spiritual qualities existent in every human – regardless of race, gender, or lifestyle. This truth is how King approached imparting spiritual principles into conversations of racism, civil rights, and political rule. The root of his teachings were simple, yet profoundly enlightening.

Dreams were where King heard God speaking. It is the intimate meeting that determined his next assignment. These private moments offered the wisdom needed to articulate heavenly revelations to the world. Through bus boycotts, race riots, imprisonment, persecution, betrayal, and forceful forceful resistance, King believed in the promise. So even after his assassination, his legacy lives on as a symbol of grace, hope, and belief in the visions placed in our hearts. The war may not have been conquered, but his dream was fulfilled.


“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all his righeousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”Matthew 6:33



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