Amazing Race: 7 Spiritual Lessons To Learn From Temple Run

Oh, how we love Temple Run— The addictive iphone app that allows even the most unathletic  individuals the chance to be Indiana Jones — manuevering through a mystical maze at the magical touch of a button. But there is a greater reward to this adventure than raking in infinite amounts of coins and escaping the gorilla-like monsters that never run out of stamina.

Here are 7 Lessons We Can Learn from Temple Run

1. No Matter How many Times You Fall, there’s always a Second Chance. 

We fall down, but we get up. These legendary gospel lyrics couldn’t have been said any clearer. When we begin the sprint out of that dark tunnel with the posse of predators chasing behind us, our only thought is escaping. Running, jumping, sliding, turning — whatever it takes to elude danger and reach the finish line. However, in the novice stages, we fall off the edges often. This is because we are being taught how to win. Each trial is different, and we aren’t given the foresight of every turn, so when pursuing the goal as fast as possible, we stumble unexpectedly and fall from grace. However, regardless of where on the course, or how many times we slip into the swampy ocean, our turn is refreshed and we get the chance to run again — faster, smarter, and more equipped to go further to maximize the life we’re living.

2. Focus on the Journey, not the Riches

How many times have you leap or swayed the phone inn hopes of capturing every coin that crosses your path? Yes, we all have attempted. And I’m sure one common denominator exists — you’ve fallen, burned, or been eaten prematurely because of your distraction from what really matters — finishing the race. On the road to our dreams, money and riches can seem like the greatest reward but become the biggest distraction. Money isn’t the root of all evil, but the LOVE of money is. Making it the top priority before keeping  integrity and following through on your commitment. In Temple Run, if you never grab a single coin but go the distance, you still leave the game in the millions. And such is life — if you appreciate the journey, keep your eyes ahead, and focus on what really matters the most — you may not be the richest, but you will still be made wealthy. 

3. Struggle is Inevitable

It doesn’t matter if you’ve earned 10 Million coins or boosted every power to its maximum, you will still have to endure challenging obstacles and sudden turns in your race. The course doesn’t change, but our wisdom of the course enhances. Each struggle we overcome builds the courage to attack new challenges with greater chances of victory. The faith and skill required to advance becomes second nature and suddenly the hurdles that presented the most fear, now appear as minor setbacks in the way of the higher calling. Struggle makes you appreciate winning more. Sprinting through life on a straight and narrow path doesn’t impart the teaching along the way that make us powerful leaders and teachers to the adventurous generations after us.

4. No Risk, No Reward

You have to step out on faith. You have to tap that start button believing you will beat the odds and come out on top. The rush you get from turns speeding up, paths getting narrower, and danger getting closer will either make you or break you. And it is always uncertain how far you will go, if no attempt is made. In those moments where every kilometer is a tight-rope escape and jumps are just seconds apart, keep running. You will be surprised by just how much you’ve accomplished when all is said and done.

5. You Discover New Skills Outside of Your Comfort Zone

When you first begin to play the game, the conservative side kicks in. Turns are made cautiously and risks are kept at a minimum. Becuase the course is unfamiliar, you want to preserve yourself from making mistakes or unexpectedly falling. However, after many trials yo come to realize that there are simple tricks and moves you can make that optimize your skills and make the race easier to win. These include: turning in mid-air, tapping down repeatedly for a longer slide on the ground, or running through trees and fire once the water body is grabbed. However, none of these special talents or helpful tools are discovered in you remain in your commfort zone to stay “safe” from danger. Sometimes you have to put yourself in position to potentially fall in order to realize you can fly.

6. Every Second Counts

Once the race starts, the clock is always running. There’s no looking back. When you make the choice to journey on a path toward your destiny, every second adds up and increases the value of your end reward. When you understand how significant your race is, the dedication to finishing is strengthened. When you stop moving, defeat consumes you or you fall off track. Each checkpoint you reach offers a bonus to your life and unlocks an assortment of gifts you didn’t know you had access to before. The hours studying, the days building, the weeks practicing all add up. And the wisdom, experience, and success achieved will reflect the time invested. 

7. Be Humble 

As much as we all like to believe our million point runs rank in the top 5 coin counts of all-time — there is always someone scoring higher and dodging danger with more swag than us all. The minute you break your high score, instagram soon reveals that another has nearly doubled that amount — deflating your ego from tomb raider to the crocodile hunter. Always be humble and focus on your personal growth before public shine. What others say is irrelevant. Numbers speak for themselves. Sharpen your craft. exercise the greatness over your life, and let the praise come as it will. When you walk in purpose and put the work in, all other riches and glory are added unto you. Instead of talking about it, make it happen.



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