7 Kingdom Quotes From Whitney Houston’s Memorial Service


An emotional memorial service honoring one of the greatest gifts to Music was packed wall-to-wall with many of today’s biggest celebrities–but more importantly played host to one of the biggest messages of our generation: The Greatest Love of all is GOD’s Love and Faith must be the tool we use to prioritze every decision, desire, and relationship in our lives.

Here are 7 Quotes from the Whitney Houston Memorial sure to shed light on the powerful shift that took place and provide even clearer insight into how her Life reflects the core characteristics of Kingdom Culture:


Love will last Forever, because God is Love. – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Love transcends race, gender, sexuality, and lifestyle. It is limitless, and without defined borders. Following the notable scripture in Proverbs, “God is Love. God is Light. God is Life.” Bishop Jakes references Whitney’s legacy of Love as a legacy that will carry on the glory of God for decades to come. Through her music, impact on the culture, and influence upon the lives of people worldwide. Whitney cherished a strong faith, and her spirit spilled over into every note.

She Won Unfaithful Friends and Genuine Enemies, but she fought through it and succeeded. – Patricia Houston

Superstars are know to possess a “Glow” or “Star Quality” that represents an inherent energy few are able to describe. This energy is referred to as the spiritual anointing — a God-appointed distinction that solidifies the abundance of talent, favor, and destiny assured over your life. Whitney’s voice was undoubtedly anointed. Yet, with the glow comes people who feed from it. Disguised as friends, family, and supporters are deceitful individuals only along for the ride. Only grace gives the strength to endure.

She is a Gift from Heavens Choir of Love. – Stevie Wonder

Gifts are God-given. They are divinely appointed to each of us for the purpose of sharing them with the masses. Whitney had the voice of an angel. Perfect pitch and melody. Her gift had the power to inspire, heal, and transform lives to experience the joy of God. Whitney’s career exemplified this– the power of the spirit being delivered through the voice of an angel.

The legacy she left the world was her Music. But, what she really left us was her Love for God. – Patricia Houston

Millions will marvel over her masterful career, outstanding accomplishments, and countless classic songs. That is what the world got to see through her life. However, the fuel that kept her fire ignited was the word of God and the faith instilled in her by her mother and spiritual family. Faith is what saved her from moments of destruction and propelled her to heights of excellence. The internal is what should be honored and acknowledged above all.

We have to treat our entertainers with Love and Respect. We have to stop ridiculing them. – Ray Watson

So often, entertainers are persecuted for living what the world generally views as “unholy” lives. Yet, we are all the same. Born imperfect, pursuing the passions and visions of a better life for ourselves and families. That is the same for entertainers. The sacrifice, belief. and faith required to diligently chase a dream in show business goes unnoticed to people blindly unfamiliar to the process. When we should be spreading love and welcoming these influential voices into the kingdom, we lock them out — not taking into account the beauty in their spirits and assignment on their hearts.

The Bible is the Owner’s Manual. And it is established so that you can get the Best performance out of your Device. – Pastor Marvin Winans

The Word of God offers spiritual instructions to living a fulfilled life of health, prosperity, and purpose. Our bodies are vessels– devices used to improve the world and the people living in it. Each of us play a specific part in the body of the world. We have distinct gifts, callings, and dreams that are to be utilized. To maximize our time on this Earth, the wisdom found in the word offers the intangible tools and essential keys needed to unlock the fullness of our potential.

Salvation if free, not cheap. Our Faith in God must not be something that we attach to our lives, but something we let operate within our lives. – Pastor Marvin Winans

To live in peace and wholeness, sacrifice is required. Pastor Winans entitled his message “Prioritize” , meaning its imperative for us all to evaluate the things we serve and make a decision as to what we will allow to motivate us. The price paid for salvation is the surrendering of selfish ambition and self-righteousness — believing that you have complete ownership over your situations. This controls can only be based upon what we see, or what we feel we have the ability to control. Yet, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things you cannot see. Faith moves mountains and procures favor. Faith is the element that turns dreams into reality. So to achieve our greatest lives, we must walk by faith, not with faith.




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