Weekly Word: Discovering Your Cause & Finding Your Voice [Part 1]

Pastor Toure Roberts delivers a passionate message encouraging the Kingdom to put aside selfish pursuits to truly discover the purpose and destiny assigned to our lives. When blinded by the glories of man and the riches of the earth, distraction can set in and rob us of our truth. This truth represents the fullness of our identities in Christ, exemplified through walking daily in authority clothed in the genuine character of God.

It is only when we are standing for our cause, that the flood gates of favor and protective grace effortless guide us into the land of our inheritance. But none of the spoils will come without a fight. Its imperative that we rise up as one body, each functioning according to the gifts bestowed from heaven, speaking definitive declarations of victory and confirmation over the future of our lives.

Below is Part 1 of the series Discovering Your Cause & Finding Your Voice :

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