Play Your Part: The Purpose of a Relationship

God is the Heavenly Father. As our Father, he wants nothing but the best for us. His spirit is our ever-present help. His justice and judgment are correcting methods rooted in unconditional love. God operates under the constant foresight of us living intentionally in the promises he has over our lives.

His role as our Father is to impart the wisdom, support, honesty, transparency, firmness, guidance, counsel, and respect necessary to assure we live life skillfully and arrive safely at our destiny. As our spiritual goal is to achieve the likeness of Christ, the son and heir to the throne, our shared end goal is to ascend into heaven as maximized vessels worthy and acceptable to stand amongst the King of Kings. So, as long as we live in the human experience, we have divine work to do. And each monumental duty assigned to us is ordained and customized to our sovereign journeys.

As such, the divine purpose of one in an intimate relationship is to be a helpmate. A divine assistance to your spiritual partner. When we ascend into Heaven, we will not be recognized as husband and wife. Nor will any walk through his gates as Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Rather, of greater esteem and function, we all enter the Kingdom as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We are born Kings and Queens. We breathe royal substance. This is also in relation to our relationship to Jesus Christ as Joint Heirs–meaning we are all his brothers and sisters– Making us all connected as blood, united by the blood of Jesus that was shed for us to have life. Therefore, our function in an intimate relationship is to offer the love of our Father and exercise all efforts to make sure our partner remains aligned in purpose, living in the image of excellence we each were born with. You are to be unconditional, honest, transparent, and supportive without judgment. Consistently seeking wisdom is required to impart wise counsel from the Holy Spirit that will influence higher thoughts.

Love is not a dependency. Love is a mutual spiritual experience that requires the evidence of Christ dwelling at the core of your union to certify both legacy and longevity. The only way to keep God as the balance is to be whole in purpose as individuals. This paints a symmetrical picture of two wholes with the Holy Spirit representing the equally dividing line. Thus, we must be selfless. And love selflessly. Open up our hearts, ideas, and resources to our partners.

Thus, a soul mate is the spiritual compliment God adds to your life that has been pre-qualified with the intangible tools necessary to train, develop, and walk with you into your promised land– having the humility and divine understanding to let your hand go into the palm of the Father when promise is realized. A soul mate is the assistance to your spirit. A source of growth and empowerment—making a soulmate an Angel assigned to your life in the physical to guarantee your spiritual obligations are met in righteousness.

A love that lasts forever is a love birthed in Christ. If it is not, then the love is in the flesh, which is temporary just as the human life. Meaning many worship a human love. However, understanding this life shall fade, and loving in Christ, we know that the way we show our LOVE the most is by standing for your partners Faith and Destiny. Be a help. Be of service. If you love God, love for him, with him, and share his principles.

The Holy Spirit Dwells inside of us. Identify it in your partner and love them as you love the Lord. Because if they posses his spirit, that is who you are sharing your love with.



1 John 4:9-11

1 Corinthians 13: 4-13

John 15:12-13


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