Between The Lines: Kanye West ft. Pusha T – Amen [Video]

“Amen, how many people do you know hatin’?
 On your downfall sitting their waitin’
. When you shine, wonder what they gonna say then. 
Everything I do now stadium’s. 
Tell me what they really gon’ say to him. 
And I’m headed straight to the ATM. 
Finna go HAM, finna go in. 
Nigga you’ll get it when pigs fly, when Yeezy fake
. Devil’s pie, piece of cake. 
Kit-Kat, I need a break. 
God’s child, Jesus Christ
. Club like a broken neck, I need the ice
. I need the lights. 
In Egypt they fightin’ for freedom
. Cop pull you over no reason, beat him.” – [Kanye West]


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