Can’t Knock The Hustle: John West Makes a Humble Debut

“Humility and the fear of the LORD bring wealth and honor and life.”Proverbs 22:4

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”Proverbs 11:2

Fighting for fandom in an era of internet icons and fast-track fame monsters is a tough task. However, for John West, being a grassroots gentleman with intentions to inspire reaps much greater glory  than Grammy awards and twitter followers. The on ramp to his seemingly distant dreams first showed signs on the sandy street corners of Santa Monica. This is where West strummed solo sets and sold his CD’s before massive crowds of onlookers until the sun fell.

From these one man shows on the Promenade to self-promoted concerts on the pier, this Chicago raised soul star humbled his way to a well-deserved seat among the chart-topping Island Def Jam roster. It is then with no mistake why his debut album is entitled Humble Hustle. The album is an eclectic ensemble of self-written songs dedicated to appreciating true love—for your life, passions, family, or significant other. 

With a sound that surfaces his Southern roots and a crossover ability to deliver witty 16’s, West effortlessly eludes boxes of comparison to create music without limits. The Pusha T assisted single Lovely introduces a sensual, soft ballad honoring a simple and seductive beauty mirrored by the attractive emotional undertones enhanced by the strings and drum pattern in the chorus. The second single Already There features GOOD Music phenom Big Sean and delivers a feel-good foreshadowing to friends and loved ones celebrating abundant future with life’s true necessities. Big Sean supplies fans with a quick display of quotable lyrics and potent punch lines to properly accent the track’s celebratory tone.

Other tracks such as Apple of Eden give an edgy introspective tour through the personal struggles of understanding our own opinions of life and love. For those who keep score, John West is winning.


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