Paid In Full: Seeing The Harvest


In The Harvest Season it is Vital to understand that When God places a seed in your Hand, in that moment he has confirmed the Promise of your Destiny and entrusted you with the Full Harvest. However, the Manifestation of your Blessing, in its fullness and abundance, is a test of your spiritual maturity and supernatural perspective.

  • When we are given the smallest opportunity, how do we approach it?
  • When we are blessed with a sudden financial blessing, how do we invest it?
  • When God whispers to us, how do we apply the faintest directions he offers?
  • Have we pressed in, trained, stretched our Faith, and prepared ourselves enough to have our territory expanded and reap an exponential blessing? 

Fields are prepared through rigorous seasons of labor – endless plowing, digging, nurturing, cultivating, and maintaining the land upon which the fruits of our labor will grow. Even through vicious weather conditions, extreme fatigue, uncertainty of when the rain will fall, and the lack of collective support, the farmer understands that there is a promise of rain upon his soil that will only be prosperous if the land is ready to receive it. God never makes a promise that returns in Vain. Nor does he provide us a Vision without assuring the Necessary Provisions required to activate it.

God’s Holy Spirit is the rain that covers the wholeness of our beings, or our Land, sparking the growth of every seed buried deep within the richness of our Souls, or Soil. Therefore, the significance of seeking the Holy Spirit– trusting its influence, allowing it to Dwell inside of us, calling upon and declaring it over the promises of our lives – is more apparent in this season than ever before. After enduring the dry months and fighting through the storms,  we cast our eyes out across the miles and miles of flat land we have tirelessly dedicated our focus and energy into preparing, then God honors our diligence by allowing the Sun to break as the rain falls, displaying the Rainbow of His Covenant as our acres which have been divinely increased are supernaturally manifested elevate just as we are promised.

Yet, It all begins with how we look at our seed. Is it just a symbol of one temporary blessing, or is it the indication of a promise to inherit a lifetime of prosperity?  When you sew a seed into your SPIRIT, DREAMS, PASSIONS, FAMILY, RELATIONSHIPS, etc. as long as we press in fearlessly, remain steadfast, trust in the promise of our vision, and cultivate our land, the outcome of purpose and victory is inevitable. I challenge you to declare your harvest and see the full fruits of your work.



Ephesians 4:16

James 19:27

Hebrews 5:11-14


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