For The Glory: How Justin Beiber Set the Stage for Kingdom Culture

Justin Beiber is blessed.

The certified superstar has an incredible international influence, transcending top tween magazines, prime time talk shows, and sold out tours. Beiber Boasts over a half billion views per upload on his YouTube channel, serves more than 19 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Social 40, a plural slate of platinum albums, and an array of prestigious awards–positioning the young Prince as the preeminent pop prodigy of this generation.

Possessing such power and prominence, any audience member or on-looking viewer with their vision glued to the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards could rightfully suggest his acceptance speech to be nothing more than a superficial salute to his self-sacrifice, a brief shout out to his colleagues, and trendy nod to God. Yet, instead of approaching the national platform prepared to give thanks, Beiber gave praise.

Justin Beiber receiver the 2011 MTV VMA for Best Male Artist

Putting aside evident popularity and stripping himself of selfish ambition, the young man made a statement. Fracturing the heavily followed fad of simply “thanking God”, Justin gave glory to the true sacrifice–Jesus Christ. By being sure to honor the Father and son, he offered reverence to unconditional love, the forgiveness of his imperfections, the favor and advantage over his life, and the greater source of his success.

It became clear that there was an acknowledgment above being the fan-favorite. Beiber showed spiritual maturity—a wisdom that solidifies an understanding that his gifts, career, and pioneering power are designed for greater purpose. That purpose is to spread life, love, and light–to spread God.

It is deeper than religion. The root of unity is identifying and accepting our differences, while celebrating and acknowledging our shared connection. We are not a Christian culture in America, we are a Kingdom culture. Kings and Queens called to positions of influence to change lives for the better.

God is Love. Love is limitless. Jesus shed his blood that we may be united as blood. He is the example of fulfilling purpose. What may have been honestly overlooked as a kind gesture of gratitude to a mystical gift-giver, further resonates as a transitional marker for those chosen with a special gift to be humble and open as vessels for a will much more satisfying than their own.



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